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2 39 2019 (Daily Blog)

(No Twins)

A slight change from my regular routine. Today Feb 8th I put on a rubber nitrile glove and just tapped the rock with my 4 fingers creating these random prints that are like a snowflake everyone is unique each one a little different then the other.

Facts about Sand n Sketch.....After I complete the sketch it takes approximately 3-5 minutes for the picture to completely dry. It goes from a wet dark look to a white dry look. The transition is quite remarkable on it's own, it's like a movie. If I wanted to speed up the process I could use a hair dryer to speed up the drying time, but I don't. While it is drying it gives me time to think of a name and write my blog story. Thats the mystery of this beautiful rock. I've created 1000+ sketches and they are all different and unique and sometimes mysterious. Everyday I discover something new and I'm sure I will find more discoveries in the future that will teach me and allow me to use in my workshops.

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