• Frank Bitonti 12 365 2019

1 26 2019 (Daily Blog)

( Beached ) Day 26, wow almost completed my first month. Back to experimenting, I mixed the white powder from yesterdays picture with a little water using a nitrile glove on my hand. No sandpaper was used on this sketch, just my gloved hand, kinda cool results didn't know I could do this. I saw a pair of knees in the centre of the picture so I decided to call this sketch "beached". The trees were done with the tip of my glove finger, and I added a blue river in the centre of the scene. Using sandpaper creates a better river than my glove. Based on the interesting picture today I will have some amazing pictures coming up in the next 339 days. Just an FYI, this rock is 3 square feet in size.

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