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What is 12 365 2019 ?  See below.


Sand 'n' Sketch.....Described by the Artist

Using this special rock (my canvas), I use a small piece of sandpaper (my Brush) and a few drops of water to raise up a white powder (my paint) that comes naturally from the rock to create the image you see here, the color comes from chalk pastels that I apply to the rock then use the sandpaper to spread it to make a cool sky, river or tree, or anything else that needs colour. When the consistency of the mix is just right, the magic happens.

What is 12 365 2019?


12 365 2019 is the 365th day of the12th month in the year 2019.


I will try to create 365 different pictures on this special rock, 1 for each day of 2019.     

This is a personal goal that I have set for myself for 2019.  A friend suggested that I take the finished product and present it in a book. 

This rock as I described above is extraordinary: it is very special.  I've made 1000+ sand n sketch images on this rock type, all unique and 3 dimensional in quality.  The size of rocks that I currently use, start from (small) the size of a Loonie to (large) the size of a sheet of paper  8 1/2" x 11".  But for my blog and with the help of my Stihl 461 Rock boss Diamond chainsaw I was able to up my game. The piece I have cut with the chainsaw is 34 inches long, 11 inches tall and 2 inches wide.  It weighs in at 46lbs.  

This rock is 3 times the size of the largest piece I've ever worked on, since I started in 2013.  I will be using the same rock for all So I'm expecting challenges but what's the fun if you don't have a challenge.  I will promise to have a new picture up on my blog everyday up until and including Dec 31st.


I believe that I am the only person that paints like this in the world.  If someone else does this please pass on their name or names to me.....Thanks.  

Please follow me, Share if you like, comments are most welcome on the Blog.  I will try and respond as quickly as possible, if a response is requested.

Here are a few pictures of some of my earlier pieces in black & white, before I discovered colour.